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Our Story

From the AVARIA Family

Over the last 25 years, our family has worked to create an illumination and fragrance company that is known for design, innovation, quality production and on-time reliability. Our company is international. Our clients are international. Our family is international. From the end user beautifying their home with of our candles, to our production experts, to the buyers we work with, we consider all of you part of the AVARIA family. Thank you for letting us serve you.



To be the global candle illumination and fragrance leader in design, quality, value, and integrity.


To create trend-right and best selling fragrance, illumination, and home accent products with leading retailers delivering quality on time reliability and design innovation.

Brand Promise

We are driven by the success of our customers. We speak the language of design. Combining design, quality on-time reliability, and being easy to work with, we ignite and fuel the success of our customers by putting candles that are the right size, look, color, scent, label, packaging, and price on the shelf.


We know and value our customers. Our Avaria family of customers is made up of trusted relationships. We strive to deliver dependability, quality, design expertise, and complex production capability, through good and ethical business practices, a proven track record of safety, a no compromise culture, with trust, respect, and capability. To serve our Avaria family of customers, we are committed to global exposure and expertise, knowledge of international, European, and American markets, a hands-on leadership approach, growing our design and innovation capabilities, and increasing the strength of our manufacturing capabilities.

Who We Serve

Our customers are experienced leaders in the retail space. We collaborate with them in fulfilling dreams and ideas in product innovations. The buyers in our Avaria family are designers, creators, savvy, and appreciative of the long term partnerships we mutually enjoy. Our customers are global, trend wise, knowledgeable, mindful of sustainability, ethical, and believe that we can even make each other better.

Trust, Respect, Capability

Trust – With our quality on time delivery, score cards, compliance, and proven track record of successful customer relationships, in design and production, we won’t let our customers down.

Respect – We listen to and respect the expertise of our customers. We collaborate with our leading retailers in respectful relationships. We’ve earned the respect of our family customers by serving them for 20 years.

Capability – With design and development skills, global experience, manufacturing automation, multiple production lines, sourcing and supply chain experience, and sustainability, we are more than capable to meet the needs of our customers.

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